Wonderful Wolves' Home Learning Friday 12th June 2020

Date: 11th Jun 2020 @ 11:18pm

https://www.langleymillinfantschool.co.uk/uploads/517/files/Capture.PNG Friday 12th June 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Wonderful Wolves

Good Morning, everyone, I can’t believe it is Friday again already. You may notice the work today is in a slightly different order to normal this is to try and make it link better throughout the day but you can complete it in any order you like.

Phonics / GPS

Today I would like you to recap the phonics sounds we have looked at over the past few weeks.  

Go to Phonics Bloom or Phonics play. Choose a few of the games you would like to play to recap the sounds we have looked at recently.


Worry Monster

Today I would really like you to listen to the story Silly Billy.

Silly Billy: Amazon.co.uk: Browne, Anthony, Browne, Anthony ...


Billy is very worried in the story. He makes his own worry monsters to try and help him feel better. For your job today can you use junk modelling from around your home to make a worry monster? In school, we are using kitchen roll tubes but you might choose to use something else.

Collective Worship

It’s our Celebration Collective Worship day today. We often find it very easy to celebrate other people but difficult to celebrate what we ourselves have done. This week I would like you to do something a little different. I would like you to think of 5 reasons as to why you deserve the bucket filler award.


Can you spend some time riding a bike or scooter or using a skateboard?



Thinking back to you worry monster you will have to have used lots of different materials. Can you write a list of materials and then a set of instructions for someone else to be able to follow and create their own worry monster.



Today for lunch can you do one of the challenges from the “Home activity PE challenges.” Remember to send your picture to Mrs Thurston.


Today for maths I have put a Tens and Ones worksheet into the files section of the class page of the school website. I would like you to use the knowledge you gained yesterday to help you with this. Draw the tens and ones in your book like we do in school using lines for the tens and dots for the ones then write the answers down. Remember you can always watch yesterday’s video as a reminder of what to do.

There is also a good game on top marks you might like to play https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/place-value-basketball 

Base Blocks Clipart | Free Images at Clker.com - vector clip art ...



Bucket Bonanza

This weekend I think I am going to spend some time baking using the new cookbook I got for my birthday. Maybe for your bucket bonanza treat you can ask a grown-up at home if you can do some baking.

Free Bake Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...





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