Wonderful Wolves' Home Learning Friday 15th May 2020

Date: 15th May 2020 @ 12:37am

Friday 15th April 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Wonderful Wolves

Good morning everyone, I hope you have had another enjoyable week. I have really enjoyed seeing all of your learning this week.  You are all doing so well with everything you are doing, keep up the good work and be sure to enjoy your weekend.

Phonics / GPS

In phonics this week we have looked at the /oe/ sound.

Go to phonics play can you play either “Trash or Treasure” or “Obb and Bob” for the ‘oa’ spelling of the /oe/ sound this can be found in phase 3 and the ‘oe’ and ‘o-e’ spellings can be found in phase 5. Whilst on phonics play can you also have a practice at reading your high-frequency words. You can use the tricky word trucks to do this.



Collective Worship

It’s our Celebration Collective Worship day today. Who has done something to celebrate this week? Maybe everyone in your house has done something kind, or helpful? Maybe someone has achieved something new?

Have a look back through the work you have done in your home learning books this week, is there a piece you are especially proud of? Ask your grown-up to send a picture of this work to your teacher to help celebrate what you have done.