Wonderful Wolves' Home Learning Monday 27th April 2020

Date: 26th Apr 2020 @ 11:40pm

Monday 27th April 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Wonderful Wolves


Good Morning, everyone, I hope that you had a nice weekend enjoying the sunshine. I used my daily exercises to go on walks with my dogs. Below is the learning for today which I hope you can enjoy. Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Clarke and I really enjoyed all the emails we received last week so please keep sending them our way.



Phonics / GPS

In phonics this week we are going to be looking at the new sound / ar /. This can be ‘ar’ like in the word car, ‘a’ like in father or ‘al’ like in palm.

In your blue books can you make three lists of words like we do in our phonics lessons at school one list for each spelling of /ar/.



Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is SERVE.

The story that we are going to be thinking about this week is one from the Old Testament of the bible. It is called ‘Noah and the Ark’. If you have a bible or a bible storybook you can read your own version of the story. If you haven’t you can watch it by following this link,


Once you have watched the story talk to your grown-ups about what Noah did to serve God.








Last week we looked at the story “Katie Morag Delivers the Mail”. This week we are going to focus on “Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dp9j2f7io8 Listen to the story. How is it different from our story from last week? The two grandmothers in the story are very different from each other. Can you write a list of words to describe each Grandmother in your book?


Katie Morag And The Two Grandmothers: Amazon.co.uk: Mairi ...


Use some things you have around your home to build yourself a fort or den and spend a bit of time in there relaxing maybe with a nice book or magazine.