Wonderful Wolves' Home Learning Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Date: 1st Jun 2020 @ 10:44pm

https://www.langleymillinfantschool.co.uk/uploads/517/files/Capture.PNGTuesday 2nd June 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Wonderful Wolves


Good Morning, everyone. Welcome back to the final summer term. I hope you have had a wonderful half term and are feeling refreshed ready for another half term. The blog today and for the rest of this week may look a little different to normal and it may contain different learning and topics to what you have been used to previously. This is because some children have returned to the Wonderful Wolves class and we want you to all be able to take part in the same work.

Remember to keep in contact with us using the class email WW@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk


Class Bubbles


For the children that have come back to school this week bubbles have been created. Bubbles are small classes of children who do everything together while in school. If you come back to school in the next few weeks you will be put into a bubble. To help you understand what these bubbles are about I have put a Bubble Story into the files section of the class website. I would like you to read through the story with a grown-up. I would then like you to draw a picture of what you think the Wolf bubble at school may look like and write a short sentence about it.  


Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship value for today is LEARN.

This week it is going to be Trinity Sunday on Sunday 7th June, so for our Collective Worship we are going to be learning all about the Holy Trinity and why it is important.

When we get ready for Collective Worship at school we set up our special table with the cloth, showing the correct colour for the church time of year, and then we add our three objects. For each object we say what they represent, can you tell your grown-ups what the objects are and share what we say for each one?

Then read and watch the slideshow that explains all about The Holy Trinity.

Staying safe and healthy

To keep everyone at school safe and healthy we are trying to stay 2m apart from everyone within our class bubbles. When lining up on the playground the children are lining up 2m apart. The children are sitting in the classrooms spread out. There are lots of things we might normally do that we are currently unable to do to stop the virus spreading. I have uploaded a safe and unsafe file to the files section of the class page. Do you think you could discuss the pictures with someone in your home?



Spend some time enjoying the sunshine. You might ride your bike, race on a scooter, kick a football or just spend a few minutes relaxing in your garden. 


The video for today can be found at https://vimeo.com/420581162 it should be entitled “Week 6 - Alternative Lesson 1 - Sort 3-D shapes". Enjoy watching the video, if at any point you do not understand feel free to watch the video again or pause it to ask your grown-ups for help. Then use your blue book to record the answers to the questions in the activity section. The activity sheet and answers can be found in the files section of the class page on the school website.