Wonderful Wolves' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 31st March 2020

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 8:34am

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Wonderful Wolves


Good Morning everyone, what activity did you most enjoy completing yesterday, comment ant let us know. Below are today’s activities, hopefully you will have lots of fun completing them with grown-ups and siblings in your home.  

Phonics / GPS

In phonics we have looked at the /ee/ sound. The spellings we have looked at are “e, ea, ee, and y

Can you think of 1 word for each spelling? Can you write each spelling into a sentence? What’s the silliest sentence you can come up with using your words.

Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is SERVE. Can you do something to serve someone within your house today.

e.g. hoover, wash the pots, load the washing machine etc.


We have done so much talking about your favourite animals. Write down some facts about your favourite animal. Can someone in your house guess what animal you are writing about. I’ve done mine below for you to guess. Leave a comment and let us know what animal you think it is. 

  • I have whiskers
  • I live in the jungle
  • I am a big cat
  • I have stripes
  • I am orange and black.

Playtime See the source image

Play a game of hopscotch, if you can draw one out of chalk on the floor. If not use your imagination. Throw something soft to help you know where to hop you.


Choose a grown-up in your house, can you find 5 things are that shorter than them? Can you also find 5 things that are taller than then?  Draw you grown-up in your book, can you draw the things you have found in your blue book making it clear which are shorter and which are taller.


Recently we had a rainbow challenge at school. Can you do your own rainbow challenge at home? Can you eat something green, something orange and something yellow? I think it will eat a green piece of cucumber, and orange carrot and a yellow piece of cheese! Let us know what you choose.

D&T (Design and Technology)  

 You all love to build models and are always so excited to talk to us all about what you have built. Use things you have around your house e.g. junk modelling, play dough etc. to make an animal house. Make sure you ask your grown-up what you are allowed to use first.


Listen to this wonderful orchestra medley (Click here)

Can you think of one instrument to fit into each of the sections write a down and draw a picture of it? Remember the sections of the orchestra are: -

-        strings,

-        woodwinds,

-        brass,

-        percussion.

See the source imageStory time

Today for story why don’t you ask someone in your house to read you a lovely story. Maybe make a den together before you read or find a nice quiet spot in your house and have some special time just the two of you.

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Ms Rebecca Robinson wrote:

Yesterday chloe enjoyed lining us all up in order and then drawing us

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