Wonderful Wolves' Home Learning Thursday 4th June 2020

Date: 3rd Jun 2020 @ 11:54pm

https://www.langleymillinfantschool.co.uk/uploads/517/files/Capture.PNGThursday 4th June 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Wonderful Wolves


Good Morning, everyone. Didn’t we have a lot of rain yesterday, it was hard to not be able to enjoy being outside as much as we normally have. Hopefully, today will bring some nicer weather and we will all be able to get outside a bit more today. Yesterday we shared the hedgehogs that have been sent in from home with the children in class, they loved them. Please keep sharing your home learning with us on the class email ww@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Everybody worries

During these strange times, it is very usual to feel a little bit worried. Sometimes this worry can make our tummies feel a little bit funny or make us feel sad or scared. Today I would like you to look at the book Everybody Worries.



After you have read the book I would like you to use the “Everyone Worries” sheet as an idea of a template and write some of your worries in though bubbles in your books.

Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship value for today is SERVE.

If you need to remind yourself about Trinity Sunday use the slideshow from the start of the week. Jesus was always serving others and helping them, can you think of three ways that you could be like Jesus and serve others? Share your ideas with your grown-up, will you be able to do all of them this week? When you have talked about them get ready for our prayer, can you remember the song?

We know God is always there,

Now it’s time to say our prayer,

Stretch hands wide and give a clap,

Fold them safely in your lap,

We know God is always there,

Now its time to say our prayer.


Now you are ready can you think of three things that you would like to thank God for, remember to end your prayer with Amen.


Choose an activity from the “Breaktime time and Lunch Time Activities” file in the file section of the class website and complete it this break time. I know Mrs Thurston really enjoys receiving pictures of what you get up to. You can email her using the email pe@langlemill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk


The video for the maths today can be found at https://vimeo.com/420581566 and is called “Week 6 - Lesson 3 - Sort 2–D shapes”. Enjoy watching the video, if at any point you do not understand feel free to watch the video again or pause it to ask your grown-ups for help. Then use your blue book to record the answers to the questions in the activity section. The activity sheet and answers can be found in the files section of the class page on the school website.


Can you help your grown-up make your lunch today? If you are having sandwiches for lunch you might help to make these buttering the bread and adding your own filling. If you are having cooked dinner for lunchtime there might be jobs like cutting and stirring you can help your grown-up with.

Happy Cartoon Girl Cooking, Clipart Vector Illustration Royalty ...


Social Distancing

In school, we are trying to social distance as much as possible. This means when the children who are coming into school arrive in the morning they line up on lines in the playground a bit like the ones you may have seen at the supermarket. I have added a social distancing PowerPoint onto the file section of the class website for you to read through to help you gain a better understanding of why social distancing is so important.

Today in school, we are making germs for the children to stand on when they are waiting to wash their hands. We would love some extra germs to help decorate the skin area in the classroom.

Cute Germs Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images



Today the children are going to be creating self-portraits to keep on the backs of their chairs. This will mean that the same children always use the same chairs and helps us with our social distancing. We are missing you all so much at school and would love you to create a self-portrait of yourselves to put up in our home learning gallery.

Remember you can send it to us on the class email ww@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

self portrait frame | Class book, Kindergarten first day, First ...


One of Mrs Hewitt’s favourite stories is Very Hungry Caterpillar – Mrs Hewitt likes it because it reminds us that change can be a good thing. So today I would like you to listen to an online version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar for your daily storytime. Click on the picture below to be taken to an online version of the story.







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