Wonderful Wolves' Home Learning Wednesday 6th May 2020

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 10:54pm

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Wonderful Wolves


Good Morning, everyone, I hope you are learning lots of interesting things about VE day this week. I have learnt lots of new facts myself this week and have found it all very interesting. Below is the home learning for today, keep sending your favourite bits to our class email.


Phonics / GPS

In phonics this week we have been looking at the /ee/ sound.

How many different /ee/ words can you find in 2 minutes (remember this can be any of the new spellings ‘ey’, ‘ie and ‘i’ or the old spellings ‘ee’ ‘eay’ and ‘e’) – can you explain what your chosen words mean?


Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship value for today is RESPECT.


As part of the VE Day celebration, it was important to everyone that they showed respect to the soldiers who fought in the war, many of whom lost their lives. One such way of honouring and showing respect to soldiers was to award them with different medals for their bravery. Below is a medal that was given to soldiers after WWI.  Can you design a medal that could have been given to show respect to the soldiers who fought in WWII?

Victory Medal (South Africa) - Wikipedia


Morse code was used lots during the war to send secret messages. Morse code was used to stop messages being understood by people who were not meant to receive them. I have put a Morse Code Challenge in the files section of the class page of the school website. Can you crack the three secret messages before writing your own for someone else?



Use the “Home Activity PE Challenges” file and choose an activity from the Wednesday column to complete today.


The video for today can be found at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/  located in Summer Term Week 2 under “Lesson 1 - Find a half (2)”. Enjoy watching the video, if at any point you do not understand feel free to watch the video again or pause it to ask your grown-ups for help. Then use your blue book to record the answers to the questions in the activity section.



During the wartime chutes and ladders was a popular game to keep children entertained. This is very similar to snakes and ladders. Play a game of snakes and ladders with your family, if you don’t have this game at home you could create your own version first.

Winning Moves Classic Chutes And Ladders Board Game: Amazon.co.uk ...



 For science today I thought you might like to bake a wartime recipe. Wartime recipes were often very different from the recipes we get now as lots of different foods were rationed because of the war, meaning things like eggs and sugar were hard to get hold of. I have put a set of War Time Recipes in the files section of the class page on the school website. Let us know what you decided to bake – make sure you save some for your stay at home garden party on Friday.


On Friday as part of the VE day celebrations, lots of people are going on to their doorsteps to sing the song We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn. This will be happening at 9 pm when you will be in bed, but today for singing why don’t you try and learn a verse or two? If you click on the song title it will take you to a video containing the song lyrics to help you.



Today for storytime I would like you to choose a book to read from Oxford Owl. This can be any book that takes your fancy. You might want to read it quietly to yourself someone cosy or you might want to sit on the sofa at home and read it to a grown-up or a sibling.

Oxford University Press – tagged "oxford-reading-tree-traditional ...


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