Church of England Status

More than one fifth of all the schools in England and Wales were founded by the Church and are still attended by approximately 875,000 pupils.

Church schools try to be distinctive in their approach, creating a sense of being part of a larger family, reminiscent of their Church foundation.

Church schools were always intended to serve communities, not just Christian families within them. Therefore, governors and staff of Langley Mill Church of England (Controlled) Infant School and Nursery hope that everyone directly associated with it will be able to feel a full member of the community.

As a Church school we benefit from the support of Derbyshire Local Authority and also receive advice from the Derby Diocesan Board of Education (DDBE).

The school recognises its historic foundation and seeks to preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at Parish and Diocesan of Derby level. St Andrew’s, St John’s and Heanor Methodist Churches are very near to the school and work in close partnership with it to provide spiritual guidance, practical support and curriculum enrichment. Church members help to ensure that a strong Christian identity and ethos remain a high priority throughout the children’s lives and regular church visits compliment the Religious Education and Collective Worship syllabus.

Our school vision "Always our best for God, each other and ourselves" is distinctively Christian,  underpinned by the biblical text 'Whatever the activity in which you engage, do it with all your abiity ...' Ecclesiastes 9:10.  We aim to achieve our mission through helping everyone in our school community: 

Realise the Church of England’s Vision for Education

Educating for hope and aspiration: Enabling healing, repair and renewal, coping wisely when things go wrong, opening horizons and guiding people into ways of fulfilling them.

Educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills:  Enabling discipline, confidence and delight in seeking wisdom and knowledge, and developing talents in all areas of life

Education for dignity and respect:  The basic principle of respect for the value and preciousness of each person, treating each person as a unique individual of inherent worth.

Educating for community and living well together:  A core focus on relationships, participation in communities and the qualities of character that enable people to flourish together.

Grow in the Four Langley Mill Foundations:

  1. Aspire
  2. Learn 
  3. Respect
  4. Serve

Show Christian Values in their thoughts, words and actions:

Compassion, cooperation, courage, creativity, forgiveness, friendship, generosity, hope, humility,  kindness, joy, justice, love, peace, perseverance, respect, responsibility, trust, truthfulness, wisdom.



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