Christian Vision and Values

What is a school vision?

  • A vision is a public declaration that schools use to describe their high-level goals for the future – what they hope to achieve if they successfully fulfil their purpose or
  • A vision is a reflection of the school’s values and hopes: it offers an opportunity to dream bigger.
  • The vision should articulate what staff truly wants from its pupils and school.

What is our distinctive school vision?

We have worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that our vision and values reflect what we want for our school.  Our school vision is summarised in our motto ‘Always our best for God, each other and ourselves.’  This reflects the high hopes and aspirations that we hold for every child that attends our setting, in all areas of life.  At Langley Mill Church of England Infant School and Nursery, we believe that every child is our future.  It is the aim of the school, through its curriculum and teaching to nurture and care for each individual to enable them to grow, flourish and realise their potential.

Our shared vision is what makes Langley Mill Church of England Infant School and Nursery such a unique place.  It drives what we do and ensures we remain focused on what matters to us as a school.  Schools are continually offered new initiatives and it is easy to be distracted from one’s own core beliefs.  Our shared vision is a filter and ensures that we remain on track within our beliefs, even with all the different educational ideas and approaches.  We will always keep up to date with contemporary educaitonal thinking; but we will listen and evaluate which developments can be embraced to crystalise our vision further.

Please open this attached document to view our whole school vision and associated values.