Our Governors

Many people may have read about, and will be familiar with, the idea of school governors, but may not be familiar with what they do, how they work, and who they are.  This is a short introduction specifically about the governing body of Langley Mill Church of England Infant School and Nursery and how it works with the staff to ensure the best possible educational environment for our children.

All governors give their time and expertise freely and work to ensure that the school is held accountable at all times.

We are Committed

We devote the required time and energy to the role and are ambitious to achieve best possible outcomes for young people.

We are prepared to give time, skills and knowlege to develop ourselves and others in order to create highly effective governance.

We are Critical

We understand the value of critical friendship which enables both challenge and support, and self-reflective, pursing learning and development opportunities to improve our own and whole board effectiveness.

We are Curious

We possess enquiring minds and an analytical approach and understand the value of meaningful questioning.

We are Creative

We are able to challenge convential wisdom and be open-minded about new approaches to problem solving; recognising the value of innovation and creative thinking to organisatinal development and success.

We are Collaborative

We are prepared to listen to and work in partnership with others and understand the importance of building strong working relationships wihtin the board and leaders, staff, parents and carers, pupils and the local community and employers.

We are Confident

We are of an independent mind, able to lead and contribute to courageous convesatinos, to espress our opinion and to plan an active role on the board.

Cathie Hallsworth – Chair of Governors

Financial Information: Please note that we do not have any employees with a gross annual salary of more than £100,000

NB – work carried out in Governing Body meetings is captured in approved minutes which are available to view on written request to the Clerk to Governors, Mrs L Johnson

Mrs S Gardner


Contact: headteacher@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment: 01/01/2023

Term of office: Continuous

Attendance at meetings 2022/23: 4/3

Mrs C Hallsworth

Chair of Governors (Foundation Governor)

Contact: challsworth@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment:  31/08/20

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by: Diocese

Attendance at meetings 2022/23: 7/7

Mrs Hallsworth comes into school each week to read with the children and assist with reading and other classroom activities, she also meets regularly with the Headteacher and School Business Manager.

Position of responsibility: Safeguarding and Children in Care, Head Teacher’s Performance Management (HTPM)

Curriculum area(s): RE, SMSC, CW, English

Mr S Henshaw

Vice Chair of Governors (Ex Officio Substitute Foundation Governor)

Contact: shenshaw@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment:   13/06/2023

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by: Archdeacon

Attendance at meetings 2022/23: 7/6

Position of responsibility: SEND/Medical. Disadvantaged, Home, School & Community Links (specifically church links)

Curriculum area(s): Computing & Curriculum

Mrs C Jones

Co-opted Governor

Contact: claire.jones@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment: 31/01/23

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by: Governors

Attendance at meetings 2022/23: 7/6

Position of responsibility: GDPR & Personnel

Curriculum area(s): Science

Mrs D Wilmott

Staff Governor

Contact: danielle.wilmott@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment:26/09/2023

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by: Governors

Attendance at meetings 2022/23: N/A

Position of responsibility: Well-being, Home, School & Community Links

Curriculum area(s): PHSE, RE

Mr D Fidler

Local Authority Governor

Contact: d.fidler@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment:  02/05/2023 – 01/05/2027

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by: Local Authority

Attendance at meetings 2022/23 :7/6

Position of responsibility:  Health & Safety, Head Teacher’s Permformance Management (HTPM)

Curriculum area(s):  Curriculum

Mrs E  Wood

Parent Governor

Contact: ewood@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment: 30/09/21

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by: Parents

Attendance at meetings 2022/23: 7/2

Position of responsibility: Attendance, Behaviour, Exclusions & Anti-Bullying

Curriculum area(s): Mathematics

Mr J Sisson

Parent Governor

Contact: jordan.sisson@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Date of appointment: 21/11/2023

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by: Parents

Attendance at meetings 2022/23:

Position of responsibility: Finance & Premises

Curriculum area(s): PE/Sport

Mrs L Johnson

Clerk to Governors

Contact: lynda.johnson@langleymill-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Each governing body is required to appoint a clerk whose key role is to provide an administrative resource for the governors and to ensure the smooth running of its functions, processes and meetings.

I am accountable to the governing body and avoid any possible conflict of interest.

Governors who have stepped down from their role as part of the Governing Body in the last three years:

Name: Andrew Whysall

Position: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 30.08.2019

Date Stepped Down: 31.08.2023


Name: Lucy Brown

Position: Staff

Date of Appointment: 31.01.2023

Date Stepped Down: 09.05.2023


Name: Claire Robinson

Position: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 30.11.2021

Date Stepped Down: 30.01.2023


Name: Charlotte Chambers

Position: Staff

Date of Appointment: 10.10.2020

Date Stepped Down: 20.12.2022


Name: Reverend J Malnutt

Position: Ex Officio Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: 23.05.2021

Date Stepped Down: 23:05.2022everend J. Malnutt
Ex-Officio Foundation Governor

Name:  Duncan McCondach

Position:  Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment:  01.09.2021

Date Stepped Down:  29.03.2022


Name:  Louise Thawley

Position: Parent Governor

Date of Appoinment:  05.02.2019

Date Stepped Down:  07.07.2021


Name: Diane Goulding

Position:  Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment: 01.09.2019

Date Stepped Down:  07.07.2021


Name:  Reverend Karen Padley

Position:  Ex-Officio Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: 07.07.2019

Date Stepped Down:   23.03.2021


Name: Jean Bailey

Position: Foundation governor

Date of Appointment: 01.05.17

Date Stepped Down: 15.09.20